MBA and Undergraduate Silicon Valley and Global Finals

“The VCIC Fellow’s program has been a game-changer for me.”

“The VCIC Fellow’s program has been a game-changer for me. In a short amount of time, it allowed me to connect with venture capital leaders across different ecosystems, while enhancing my understanding of the VC industry.

“One of the program’s most valuable experiences is that you get to sit in on different pitches and deals, absorbing insights from judges representing actual VC firms. The judges are there to make it a valuable learning experience, allowing students to ask questions and learn what aspects were missed. This exposure honed my ability to differentiate between promising and less promising companies, as well as distinguishing good or bad deals.

Also, you get to listen to discussion between judges, allowing you to pick up on trends in different ecosystems and get the lowdown on what’s happening in the VC market right now.

“This program is a must for anyone interested in entering the world of venture capital, those with a natural curiosity about the field, individuals eager to network with influential VC leaders, or aspiring entrepreneurs seeking insights into pitching to VC firms and securing funding for their startups.”