Non-Disclosure Agreement

VCIC only works if our startups can trust that we will keep their information confidential. While founders regularly pitch to VCs with no such agreement, they do not normally pitch to students without some assurance of confidentiality.

This agreement is made between VCIC participants and entrepreneurs participating in VCIC.

  1. BOTTOM LINE: Your team cannot share startup pitch decks with anyone, including advisors and coaches. Only your team can look at them.
  2. INFORMATION DISCLOSED. Participants will receive the disclosure of confidential information from entrepreneurs, which may include pitch deck, strategy, business financings and related information.
  3. USE OF INFORMATION. Participants agree to hold the disclosed confidential information for internal use in connection with VCIC events only.
  4. NON-DISCLOSURE. Participants agree not to share any proprietary information with any individual outside of their 6 or 6 member team.
  5. PROTECTION OF CONFIDENTIALITY. Participants agree to protect the confidentiality of and take all reasonable steps to prevent disclosure and use of the confidential information to prevent it from falling into the public domain or possession of unauthorized persons.
  6. PATENT OR COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. Nothing in this Agreement is intended to grant any rights under any patent or copyright.

VCIC Rules

All participants should also be familiar with all VCIC rules, found here. Failure to abide by rules could result in forfeiture. Some key rules:

  • Students may not receive any assistance from anyone, including coaches and advisors, during the day of the competition.
  • Students may not share startup pitch decks with anyone. See NDA above.
  • Teams may be 5 or 6 currently enrolled students.
  • Teams may replace members at any time.
  • Teams will be given code names and should not disclose their school affiliation.
  • Team photos will remain on the VCIC website unless you request otherwise.
  • Faculty/staff coaches and advisors are welcome to attend but must register separately and may not have any contact with the team during the event. 
  • Click here for all rules.

Required NDA Consent

For all VCIC student competitors.

  • Please use university name as it appears on the bracket. Don't include "University." For MBA programs, use University + Business School, such as "Chicago Booth."