Team Registration

Deadline for regional events: two-weeks prior to your event.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Open a blank PowerPoint presentation to create your photo mashup.
  • Go to Teammate 1 in the form below and begin filling out name and email.
  • When you get to LinkedIn URL, go to to find and copy their URL and to get their photo, too:
    • Copy photo by right-clicking (or Mac Ctrl-click) on the image.
    • Paste image in PowerPoint.
  • Go to Teammate 2 in form below and begin filling out information until you get to LinkedIn URL.
    • Copy/paste photo in PPT next to Teammate 1.
  • Put Teammates 4-6 under 1-3.
  • Save Mashup
    • Windows, two options:
      1. In PPT, highlight all photos and right-click the entire group, choose “Save as Picture” and make sure to select JPG format, not PNG.
      2. Search for “Snipping Tool” and snip the team photo, then save as to save as JPG. Use your school name and year, e.g., “Chicago 2021.” Save the file to your desktop, then find the file to upload below.
    • Mac: hit Cmd-Sh-4 for a similar tool; highlight the area to snip and save as JPG. Note, the default may be to save as a PNG, but this will create problems when you try to submit. Make sure to save as JPG to minimize file size.

LinkedIn Mashup Photo

Do not put numbers on your mashup.
No logos. No background color.

To get LinkedIn URL and photo:

VCIC LinkedIn Mashup

You should see a form below this line. If you do not see a form, please email so that we can get it fixed quickly.