Trello Master Checklist

Every link on this web page is embedded in the Trello checklist. Make a copy and start checking things off for your event! Trello also has an excellent mobile app to monitor during the event.

Online Help: Pre-Event

Recruiting Judges
Recruiting Startups
Email Templates

To Copy and Customize for Your Event

From our shared Google folder. Links below will prompt you to make your own copy. You’ll see in the checklist that we recommend making separate shared folders for teams, judges and startups.

Event Agenda
Fund Profile
Awards Ceremony PPT

These are Google Docs and will prompt you to make your own copy.

Click here, and then you’ll need to hit the download button.

Judging and Voting

These assume team code names Ash, Birch, Cherry, Dogwood, Elm and Fir.
Regional hosts will coordinate with VCIC HQ.

Judging Form

Judges take notes for feedback and score teams on these forms (not shared with teams).

Regional: Judge Voting

Judges vote for their #1, #2 and #3 teams for each phase of the competition.

Internal: Judge Voting

Email and we’ll set up online voting for your event just like the regionals.

Online Resources: During Event

Again, these are all linked directly from the Trello checklist.

Orientation Video
On-Screen Timers

Regional Finals Organizers

Organizer Entry Form
Host Commitments
Recruiting Sponsors

Internal (single school) Organizers

These resources were developed for regional coordinators, but you are welcome to tailor them to fit the needs of your internal event. See Run Your Own Internal for some other considerations.


A VCIC event on your campus is good for your school, good for your classmates and good for your career. If you are going to be an officer in your Entrepreneurship or Venture Capital Club, there is no better service to your school or your classmates than organizing a VCIC event. You have two choices:

1. Organize Your Own Internal VCIC

  • 10 to 40 of your classmates experience this one–of–a–kind event
  • The best way to select the most competitive team for your school
  • The last five national champions began by winning an internal event
  • Click here for more information

2. Host a VCIC Region

  • Great for reputation building for your school and networking for yourself.
  • See the list of past VCIC hosts – you will be in good company.
  • You must apply by April 30 to be considered for the following year.

If you choose to host a VCIC event, we are here to help. You will not have to reinvent the wheel. We have all the materials to make your job as easy as possible. If you host a region, we will send a UNC VCIC representative to help run the logistics for the event. We also help with recruiting VC judges and startups. More at host commitments. 

If you have any questions about hosting a VCIC event, please contact Patrick Vernon at