The resources below are for
REGIONAL organizers.

All of the files referenced below are in this shared folder.

organizers click here. 

The Master Checklist

This is a Trello checklist that covers most everything about the event. Make a copy and start checking things off for your event! Trello also has an excellent mobile app to monitor during the event.

Customize for Your Event

N/A for virtual events.

N/A for virtual events.

Specialized Printing

N/A for virtual events.

Your local printer can print this 14″ x 30″ big check for $30’ish in a few days.

Remember to pre-purchase four 8½” x 11″ frames for these certificates. Print on regular white paper on color laser printer.

VCIC HQ will send you a ready-to-print file the week of your event. You need to buy Avery 5384 or 74541. 

Judging and Voting

These assume team code names Ash, Birch, Cherry, Dogwood, Elm, Fir and Hickory (if you have 7 teams at your event).

Judges take notes for feedback and score teams on these forms (not shared with teams).

You will need to add team photos and print these for judges on LEGAL paper.

Your event’s voting page will be customized with the judges you will submit on the Organizers Entry Form. 
If you click through to an event, you may be seeing last year’s judges. We’ll add password protection in January.