Resources for VCIC Organizers

All the links below are included in the VCIC Organizers Handbook.
Download the PDF or make a copy of the Google Doc version for your event.

Customize for Your Event

N/A for virtual events.

N/A for virtual events.

Specialized Printing

N/A for virtual events.

Your local printer can print this 14″ x 30″ big check for $30’ish in a few days.

Remember to pre-purchase four 8½” x 11″ frames for these certificates. Print on regular white paper on color laser printer.

VCIC HQ will send you a ready-to-print file the week of your event. You need to buy Avery 5384 or 74541. 

Judging and Voting

Online voting is for regional events only.

This is a generic file. VCIC HQ will send you a customized file with your team photos.

VCIC HQ will sned you a custom link with your judges. This link is just a sample.

Judge orientation video to send to judges prior to the event.

Online Resources During Event

Optional for in-person events.