“VCIC is like an accelerator for the fundraising process…”


“Most value for time invested.”  •  “Met investors who introduced us to many more.”  •  “An accelerator for the fundraising process.”

NOTE: No actual funding occurs at a VCIC event. These startups all raised venture capital funding sometime after participating in VCIC, not necessarily because of VCIC. More about startups that got funded.

For events beginning late January through early March 2022 (see bracket)
Three (3) startups will be selected for each regional finals event.
Rolling deadline; early applicants receive priority.

What is VCIC?

Not a pitch contest! At its core, VCIC is an educational event for students, but it happens to have tangible benefits for founders, too. Student VC teams are competing to be the best VC firm. (Note: half of the schools participating have student-run funds.) Real startups (you) pitch to to the teams, who perform in-depth due diligence, including interviewing the founders. Teams must choose one startup and propose a mock term sheet. Real investors are there to judge which student team would make the best VC firm and to provide feedback and connections for the founders.

What is the Most VC-Backable Search?

A competition within the competition. Three startups will be chosen as finalists for each region. The student teams will perform due diligence on all three and propose a mock term sheet for one. The startup that gets the most term sheets will be crowned the “Most VC-Backbable” of the region and will receive an invitation to the VCIC Global Finals.

What is an “accelerator for the fundraising process?”

1) Access to Investors       2) Wide Variety of Viewpoints
3) Genuine Feedback   4) Due Diligence to Term Sheet



Increase your investor rolodex with the ones you spend the day with and the ones they may introduce you to.



With a variety of students from a variety of schools and a variety of investors, your plan gets poked from every angle.



Sick of getting vague, polite reasons why VCs are passing? Our focus is education. We keep it real at VCIC.

Due Diligence to Term Sheet

Soup to Nuts

Students start the due diligence process two days in advance and put down a term sheet for one of the three startups at the event.

Participants at a VCIC Event

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What the Day Looks Like for Founders

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Where are VCIC Regional Events?

Chapel Hill
New York
Palo Alto
Santa Clara

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