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Global VCIC is the world’s largest venture capital competition with over 70 universities competing. VCIC is the only place where students get to be VCs for the day and startups get a due diligence immersion.
New to VCIC?

Changes for Students in 2020:

  • Partner meetings are 10 minutes. We’ve scaled back this meeting by 5 minutes to make room for the return of negotiations.
  • Negotiations are back! By popular demand, we are returning to the pre-2019 format with the top 2 teams negotiating with their chosen startup after the partner meetings followed by 3 minutes of Q&A from judges.
  • “No repeat” rule relaxed. Starting in 2020, students MAY repeat the competition at the regional level as long as they did NOT travel to national or global finals in Chapel Hill.
  • Teams may bring a Team Shadow and/or a Judge Shadow to observe the event and provide feedback. More info.

Congratulations 2019 Winners!

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