Undergraduate New England and Central
: Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young

“…an outstanding college experience that I continue to cherish.”

Besides college internships, it is extremely difficult to gain hands-on industry experience outside the confines of a classroom – especially in Venture Capital. The VCIC Fellowship affords students a unique level of access into the hard-to-reach and tightly-knit world of VC. Being a VCIC Fellow was an outstanding college experience that I continue to cherish: providing an entry point into the VC ecosystem, commingling with founders, practitioners, and other like-minded students. As a VCIC Fellow, I found incredible value across 1) gaining in-depth insight into investors’ decision-making, and 2) honing-in on critical real-world professional skills. You will participate in the judges deliberations, witnessing the framework that investors leverage to determine the viability and value of a start-up. Seeing this in practice, I was able to ‘lift the veil’ on investor decisioning and speak to the VC process. Due to the autonomy offered by the program, hosting a VCIC event allowed me to practice many of the tangible skills I now use in my day-to-day career – presenting, project management, stakeholder coordination, outreach. Thank you, Professor Vernon, for your endless effort and commitment to facilitating these special experiences, and I would compel anyone and everyone to apply to become a VCIC Fellow!”