VCIC Global Champion 2006
University of Washington Foster School of Business

VCIC Champ makes the Midas Brink list.

After winning VCIC Global Finals in 2006, Chris went on to be an early stage VC at Ignition Partners in Seattle. In 2010, Chris launched Launched Ignition Seed, a dedicated seed-stage investment program. In 2013, Chris relocated to the Bay area and started his own seed stage firm, Fuel Capital. In 2015, he raised the firm's second fund.
Chris Howard listed on the Forbes’ Midas Brink list, March 26, 2015. 

Before co-founding Fuel Capital, Chris built and led the seed program at Ignition Partners, an early stage venture firm outside of Seattle. He is on the board of WePay and led the investments in Parse (acquired by Facebook) and Dailybooth (acquired by Airbnb). Previously, Chris built national ad campaigns inside of agencies, design firms, and companies. He helped big brands such as Lexus and New Balance expand their leadership position and helped smaller brands identify true product differentiation.