Organizer, West (Colorado) Regional Finals

Bret is an investor, entrepreneur, professional educator and consultant. He currently hold a position of Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado in Boulder. He educates both graduate and undergraduate students on new venture creation and private equity. In this capacity he focuses his research scholarship on improving organizational performance through appropriate governance and decision-making by executives and private equity investors.

He directs and oversees a student-run venture fund that invests in startups in the Denver-Boulder area. As part of his service to the venture fund, Bret sits on the boards of two venture capital-backed companies. He also consults with a handful of other organizations on their go-to-market strategy, business development, acquisitions, organizational change issues and governance. Bret also currently serves as the Board President of Prospect Ridge Academy – a high achievement K-12 public charter school in the Adams 12 District – and leads the organization in building enduring processes during its formative startup years.