Note: the registration form is below these instructions, and it is easiest if you fill it out while you are creating your mashup because you’ll need the LinkedIn URLs for each teammate anyway.

Step by Step

  • Go to an individual’s profile in LinkedIn
  • {Go ahead and copy/paste their URL next to their name in the form below while you are there}
  • Copy image
    • Windows: left click on photo, then right click image and copy image
    • Mac: Ctrl-click image, copy image
  • Paste image in PowerPoint (or other program you prefer)
  • Repeat for all teammates, please go in the order that you register below
  • Save group image:
    • Windows, two options:
      • Search for “Snipping Tool” and snip the team photo, then save as. Use your team name.
      • In PPT, highlight all five and right click to choose Save as Picture in JPG format.
    • For Mac, hit Cmd-Sh-4 for a similar tool; highlight the area to snip and save as JPG. Note, the default may be to save as a PNG, but this will create problems when you try to submit. Make sure to save as JPG and try to minimize file size.
  • IMPORTANT: make sure file size is under 100kb. This is easy on a PC, the snip tool will give a small file size. For MAC, see instructions here.
  • Input names, email and LinkedIn URLs on form below left-to-right

Here’s the goal: 
a LinkedIn headshot mashup
Team Example 3Please register teammates in order, from left to right.

Team Registration and Photo Submission

  • Note: you will be assigned a code name for the event.
    For MBA programs, use University + Business School, such as "Chicago Booth" and "Berkeley Haas."
    Undergrad: please use shortest most common name. Don't include "University." Examples: UCLA, Virginia, Chicago, Georgetown, NYU.
  • Please use JPEG format and reduce file size to under 100kb.
  • Check bracket at if not sure.
  • NOTE: if you submit an image larger than 100kb, you may receive a "Gateway Timeout" error. If this happens to you, do not resubmit. Send an email to and we should be able to recover your submission.