LinkedIn Mashup Instructions2018-12-03T19:39:43+00:00

Step by Step

  • Go to an individual’s profile in LinkedIn
  • {Go ahead and copy/paste their URL next to their name in the form below while you are there}
  • Copy image
    • Windows: left click on photo, then right click image and copy image
    • Mac: Ctrl-click image, copy image
  • Paste image in PowerPoint (or other program you prefer)
  • Repeat for all teammates, please go in the order that you register below
  • Save group image:
    • Windows, two options:
      • Search for “Snipping Tool” and snip the team photo, then save as. Use your team name.
      • In PPT, highlight all five and right click to choose Save as Picture in JPG format.
    • For Mac, hit Cmd-Sh-4 for a similar tool; highlight the area to snip and save as JPG.
  • Save as JPG with your school or code name
  • Input names, email and LinkedIn URLs on form below left-to-right

Use a LinkedIn headshot mashup
Team Example 3Please register teammates in order, from left to right.

Team Registration and Photo Submission

A photo submission will be required to complete this form.
  • Check bracket at if not sure.
  • Note: you will be assigned a code name for the event.
    For MBA programs, use University + Business School, such as "Chicago Booth" and "Berkeley Haas."
    Undergrad: please use shortest most common name. Don't include "University." Examples: UCLA, Virginia, Chicago, Georgetown, NYU.
  • Please input teammates below as they appear in the photo, left to right. Optional observer and advisor should not be in photo.
  • To receive a confirmation of this form submission, please provide an email address here.