We got your team registration!

Thank you for submitting your team info and photo. We have received it. You should be able to see it posted on your event website shortly. You can link to your event website here: www.vcic.org/events. Your site includes logistics, judges, agenda, etc. Your team will be receiving the pitch decks from the host school to the email addresses you just submitted at exactly 5PM local time two days prior to the event.

NOTE: regional finals will NOT have negotiations this year.

Remember there are many materials online to help your team prepare, such as:

Schedule Walk-Through  ||  Judging Criteria  ||  Deliverables Template    ||  VC Razor Due Diligence Framework

You can also search www.VCIC.org if you have a question.

Please do not hesitate to email me at vcic@unc.edu if you have any questions. I’d be happy to point you to the answer online, or add the answer if it is something that the site doesn’t cover.

Good luck at the event!