Judge, 2013 Global Finals

Steve brings than 25 years of drug discovery experience at multiple pharmaceutical companies and biotech organizations to the Lilly Ventures team. Prior to joining Lilly Ventures, Steve was Senior VP Research and Development, at Serenex, where he was also a co-founder. Prior to joining Serenex, Steve was Site Director, Sphinx Labs, Eli Lilly where he oversaw lead generation efforts in the areas of combinatorial chemistry, automation, high-throughput screening, biomolecular research, and information technology. Steve is the author of more than 50 papers and 60 patents. He received his BS in chemistry from Central Michigan University and his Ph.D.
in organic chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Steve currently sits on the boards of FORMA Therapeutics, Hydra Biosciences, InnoCentive, Nimbus Discovery, Esanex and Cerulean Pharma. He is a board observer for Viamet, and also serves as the acting CEO for Esanex, a clinical stage start-up company.