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VCIC is Looking for the best Series A Startups on the Globe!

Leveraging 20 years of educating students about venture capital and 20 annual regional events in six countries on three continents with over 150 VCs, 60 startups and 600 students participating annually, VCIC is excited to announce a new addition to the competition in 2020:

VCIC’s Global Most Fundable Startup Competition

Founders seeking a Series A investment may apply online for a chance to participate in a VC immersion at one of our regional events in February and March. Select winners of regional events will be invited to participate at the Global Finals in Chapel Hill in April.

Rounds of VCIC’s Most Fundable Startup Competition

Screening Round

Online application to get started.

Submit online screening application and pitch deck by January 15.

Apply here.

Regional Finals

Pitch at a VCIC Regional Event

Three startups will be selected as semi-finalists in each region. Agenda below.

See locations and dates.

Global Finals

Pitch to the best of the best.

Do it all again with the top student VC teams and VCs from around the country.

See last year’s global finals.

Apply to compete at a VCIC event in: San Francisco, Sunnyvale, Boston, Austin, Houston, New York, Boulder, Pittsburgh, Washington, Baltimore, Chapel Hill, London, Barcelona, Singapore, Hyderabad.
See brackets for all locations and dates.

What is VCIC?

A network of educational events connecting students, startups and VCs. Students play the role of VCs. Startups pitch for funding. VCs are the judges.


VCIC Startups Get Funded (after competing at VCIC)

The VCIC Experience: What you can Expect at a Regional Competition

VCIC is a VC immersion for startups like no other! Go from pitch to term sheets in 5 hours!

If you win your regional VCIC event, your startup will be added to VCIC’s Most Fundable Startups List which will be promoted through various VCIC channels. You will also be eligible (though not guaranteed) to be invited to the next round, VCIC Global Finals, in Chapel Hill, NC, in April.

A typical VCIC region event includes…


More about VCIC’s Most Fundable Startup Competition

The Most Fundable Startup Competition is a competition within a competition. For over 20 years, the Venture Capital Investment Competition has been teaching students about entrepreneurship and venture capital. Student teams play the role of VC firms with real startups pitching. Teams must choose one startup and put down a term sheet. Real VCs and angel investors judge the student teams.

Starting in 2020, startups will also be competing for the title of VCIC’s Most Fundable Startup of the Year by receiving the most term sheets from student teams and the most votes from VC judges.

Bonus! It is also a Talent Marketplace

Each event has 30-40 student participants who have self-selected as the most interested in startups and venture capital. Many teams have won internal events to get to the regional event. These students may be great talent for your startup!

We also have 1,000 former VCIC participants following our LinkedIn page and 700 Twitter followers.

Post your job opportunities here and we’ll blast it out to startup enthusiasts across the globe!