Early deadline: December 15
Late deadline: January 10

VCIC's Most VC-Backable Startup Application

  • You will be considered for the nearest regional VCIC event.
  • Hold Ctrl or Cmd to select multiple cities.
  • How much are you currently raising in this "VCIC" round? The best fit for VCIC is a Series A raise, though a robust seed round is a possibility.
  • How much capital have you raised to date? The best fit for VCIC is to have already raised a significant seed round.
  • How much do you anticipate raising in future rounds? The best fit for VCIC includes substantial future funding.
  • Best if square. Small file size please. Filename: CompanyName.jpg.
  • Best if square. Go to profile in LinkedIn, right click on photo to save to your desktop as "YourName.jpg."
  • Submitting Pitch Deck

    Two options: either upload the file if it is below 10MB or submit a link to a download site.
  • You Agree...

    By submitting this application, you agree that VCIC may use your images for PR purposes.