Most VC-Backable Startup, 2020 Undergraduate West

My personal and professional mission is to improve the financial security of the digital generations. Each step in my career brings me closer to fulfilling that mission. I have built and helped build disruptive businesses in financial services, credit repair, estate planning, financial wellness, and now financial planning.

As gratifying as it is to have made a small difference in the financial lives of hundreds of thousands of people thus far, it just isn’t enough. I founded Savology in the Spring of 2019 with the vision of impacting 10 million American households.

Savology is designed to be as affordable, accessible, and actionable as possible. Savology opens the door for millions of new people to access the proven benefits of creating a financial plan for their future. In just 5 minutes, users can build free financial plans and get personalized recommendations to improve their personal finances.

A grandiose mission like this requires a lot of help! I’m grateful for and indebted to the dozens of diligent and intelligent people that are working with me to bring Savology to fruition.

I’d love to connect with and hear from anyone else that wants to help make the world a better place. I have significant experience and expertise in business management, strategy, operations, and partnerships. Please let me know how I can use my talents or connections to help you bring your vision to life, too.