Judge, 2019 MBA Canada

Ross Finlay is a Co-Founder and Director of the First Angel Network Association – Atlantic Canada’s association for private investors.  He is also a founder of the Aurora Angel Network and member of the Investment Committee of the IDEA Venture Fund, both in Puerto Rico.  Ross is past Chair of the National Angel Capital Organization (Canada), and is a past-Director of the U.S. Angel Capital Association.   Ross is also Vice-Chair and Lead Instructor of the Angel Resource Institute.  He is a recognized international speaker, facilitator, business planner, and strategic change advisor who has an extensive background in public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Ross has extensive business networks throughout the world and has written as a regular columnist for Atlantic Business Magazine and Progress Magazine. He also contributed to the new book “Angels Without Borders – Trends and Policies Shaping Angel Investing Worldwide”

Ross has been Executive Director of a professional association in Ontario and President of a national consulting company specializing in providing services to scientific, engineering and technical clients.

Since 1994, Ross has managed his own successful consulting practice.  He returned to the corporate world for a time with  PwC LLP and SolutionInc Ltd. – a software development company.

In 2002 Ross was a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Medal for outstanding community service through his efforts in numerous charities