Judge, 2018 MBA Canada


Over the last 30 years, Paul has held a number of executive management positions in the computer graphics and software industries, having held senior leadership roles at leading NASDAQ and NYSE firms such as Autodesk, AMD and Avid. As VP of Product Development at Alias, he was an integral part of the executive team that took the company over a three-year period from the brink of bankruptcy back to being the preeminent provider of 3D Animation and industrial design software, resulting in a $450M acquisition by Silicon Graphics. As the General Manager of Autodesk’s media division (Discreet) and of Avid’s Video and Broadcast business, Paul directed the organizational, product and cultural changes necessary to recast strategic direction and return these divisions to profitability. He has been CEO/Chairman of pre-public and start up companies in the field of web graphics and social media and started his career in aerospace as a recognized expert in the field of simulating avionics. Paul has received a number of awards and recognitions for his efforts, including being the first Canadian to receive the NASA Space Act Award for exceptional merit. Paul also devotes time to numerous not for profit organizations. He is currently one of four Managing Partners at Island Capital Partners, an early stage venture fund and personally mentors and invests in a number of early stage startups.