Organizers – here is a template you may copy/paste for your email to teams AT EXACTLY 5PM two days prior to your event. For Friday events, send 5PM Wednesday. For Saturday events, send 5PM Thursday.

Exactly 5PM Two Days Prior

{NOTE: make sure to add attachments if needed — or put them all in shared folder and add link}

{Copy/paste from here to bottom.}

VCIC Teams,

Game on! We are looking forward to seeing you bright and early this {Friday/Saturday}. Please plan to arrive around 8AM (no earlier!). We’ll have coffee and bagels and a big day ready for you. Speaking of the big day, we have some very important information for you:

  1. Startup pitch decks {link to shared folder}  + NDA — we’ll have copies for you to sign at the event. Note: you cannot share pitch decks with anyone outside of the competition.
  2. Fund profile {organizers need to update}
  3. Team Rules
  4. Team Deliverables Template
  5. The schedule, parking info and other logistics can be found on the event website at

Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions in the meantime. Good luck at the event!


{include mobile phone number in case of emergency}