Organizer, 2017 MBA Southeast Asia

Before Leslie pursued the Nanyang MBA, he worked in People’s Association; a statutory board of the Singapore Government. He has over 3 years of professional experience in the Singapore Public Sector and has worked with numerous Government Ministries within Singapore; working often with Senior Management Officers, Members of Parliament, and Ministers.

During Leslie’s time in People’s Association, he has led multiple projects and staffed several activities of high importance such as the funeral procession of the late Minister Mentor, Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Leslie possesses excellent interpersonal skills, and his core competencies include analytical thinking, strategic planning, brand management, and project management & execution.

A driven problem solver by nature, Leslie addresses business problems by identifying the key issues and solutions through a systematic and analytical approach. He is a motivational leader and is a big believer in achieving efficiency through effective teamwork. Outside of his professional life, he can be found taking part in various community work and recreational sporting activities.