MBA South & New England
: Director of Partnership Development, McGeever Family Office

“…a lot of value from being able to be a part of the larger ecosystem.”

“I think as a VCIC Fellow I got a lot of value from being able to be a part of the larger ecosystem, and can say I completed the “VCIC Triple Crown” as a competitor, fellow, and judge. I also think a major benefit to everyone who participates is the chance to look at more companies & deals, as the more you look at the easier it is to tell good from bad. If I were to go back and do it all again, I would definitely go down the same path and try to get the Triple Crown, but I would put a lot more focus on the networking and relationship building within the VC ecosystem, locally and nationally. One other thing that I think is important but understated in the VCIC Fellows program is the somewhat logistical & operational support provided by the fellows that is necessary to make the entire VCIC program happen. Looking at my career and the work I’m doing, the amount of time I’m actually looking at a deal and running the VC math is dwarfed by the “other duties as assigned” portion of my job description, and I think the fellow program did a lot to show a semblance of the work required to get a deal to the VC math stage. Setting up the meetings, facilitating the conversations, and having the casual conversations with founders/funders to get a sense of the intangibles involved in the work was about as close to a “trial run” of working in the industry as I can think of.”