Startup, 2017 MBA New England

Through effective strategy and rapid execution, I accelerate the success of passionate people, companies, and ideas that aim to improve our world. Healthcare and Education Technology are two of the most exciting areas to me.

What I do:
* Product Management that is data-driven and lean
* Design, User Interface, User Experience (UI & UX)
* Data-driven customer understanding for sustained market resonance
* Strategy around pragmatic solutions for meaningful problems
* Development of leaders who augment further leaders
* Discovery and learning as a daily routine

Why I do it:
* To gather wisdom and skills that I can apply and pass on
* To reinforce a magnetic culture for those working with me
* To empower people toward their highest potential
* To expand the accessibility of health and education to places where needed most
* To help usher in a generation who can make positive change in the world
* To have fun in the process, and help others do the same

Additional Information and experience is on my résumé, which is available upon request.