Judge, 2011 Global Finals

Ken Dobler is Worldwide Vice President of Franchise Development for Ethicon Endo-Surgery and a member of the Global Management Board. In this role, Ken is responsible for Franchise Development, concept and feasibility teams, Market Creation & Development, pilot teams investigating opportunities outside EES’s business model, Strategic Planning and Business Development. The VP of Clinical/Pre-clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs is also a member of this team. In his previous position as Vice President of International Development for Ethicon Endo- Surgery, Ken and his team worked closely with the company’s leadership in Asia, Latin America, Japan and Canada to increase global capabilities and growth. Ken joined Johnson & Johnson in December 1983 as a sales representative for Ethicon, Inc., and continued in sales and leadership positions there for eight years. Upon joining Ethicon Endo-Surgery in 1991, Ken played a significant role in the company’s growth through leadership positions in Sales and Business Development, Licensing & Acquisitions, and Strategic Planning. Ken earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from Catawba College.