Startup, 2012 Global Finals

VCIC Startup has $25M IPO

Jeff Wolf pitched at VCIC 2012 Global Finals with Heat Biologic's off-the-shelf vaccines. Heat Biologics then went on to successfully use its venture funding to hold a $25M IPO in July of 2013. They are now currently working on a $7.5M deal with Square 1 Bank.
Press release announcing IPO, July 29, 2013. 
Heat Biologics offers off-the-shelf “ImPACT” therapeutic vaccines to combat a wide range of cancers and infectious diseases. ImPACT Therapy transforms allogeneic living cells into powerful machines that continually pump-out
heat shock proteins and their chaperoned antigens to activate a robust and powerful immune response against a patient’s disease.

Jeffrey Wolf is the founder and CEO of Heat Biologics. He was formerly the founder and managing director at Seed-One Ventures, a firm focused on the systematic formation and management of new biomedical companies based upon novel research breakthroughs.

Throughout his career Mr. Wolf has created life science startup companies and actively supported the growth of these companies. Mr. Wolf’s start-ups include Avigen (co-founder and director), a NASDAQ-listed gene therapy company; TyRx Pharma (co-founder and Chairman) which was focused on the development of novel bio-compatible polymers and recently sold to Medtronic; EluSys Therapeutics (founder and CEO), focused on the development of novel antibodies against infectious diseases and GenerationOne (founder and CEO), focused on mobile-based healthcare solutions.

Mr. Wolf received his M.B.A. from Stanford Business School, his J.D. from New York University School of Law and his B.A. from the University of Chicago, where he graduated with honors in Economics.