VCIC Fellows Program

Travel, Learn, Represent

Rina Bulliqi, 2023 VCIC Fellow

2023 MBA Northeast, Undergraduate East, Global Finals

“For anyone even remotely curious about the venture capital industry, VCIC should be your first stop.”

Coming from an Eastern European country where the venture capital industry is virtually non-existent, VCIC has been a significant eye-opener for me. In a short amount of time, I went from puzzling over the concept of […]

Raquel Argenal Matheu, 2023 VCIC Fellow

MBA and Undergraduate Silicon Valley and Global Finals

“The VCIC Fellow’s program has been a game-changer for me.”

“The VCIC Fellow’s program has been a game-changer for me. In a short amount of time, it allowed me to connect with venture capital leaders across different ecosystems, while enhancing my understanding of the VC industry.

“One of the […]

Connor Roach, 2023 VCIC Fellow

MBA Silicon Valley, East & Global Finals
, Partnership Development @ Hilton

“In an impressively short span of time, I absorbed an abundance of knowledge.”

“Prior to obtaining my MBA, I worked in the live music industry for Live Nation. Although venture capital was relatively unfamiliar territory for me, I became intrigued after hearing captivating stories from my […]

Margaret High, 2022 VCIC Fellow

MBA Mountain, Central and Global Finals
Underwriting Associate at SG Credit Partners

“…it will change the way you think about business.”

“Like most people, VCIC was my first toe dip into venture capital and understanding how entrepreneurs secure the necessary capital to grow their business. It bloomed from there into a full-on dunk into the southeast VC ecosystem […]

Zeke Trezise, 2021 VCIC Fellow

Undergraduate Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Global Finals
In: Associate at New Stack Ventures

“…stands out in my college experience. I’d recommend it…”

“The VCIC Fellows program stands out in my college experience. I’d recommend it to folks who are interested in VC or founding a company. In retrospect, I’ve come to realize the value of being behind closed doors […]

Jasper Brindis, 2020 VCIC Fellow

Undergraduate New England and Central
: Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young

“…an outstanding college experience that I continue to cherish.”

Besides college internships, it is extremely difficult to gain hands-on industry experience outside the confines of a classroom – especially in Venture Capital. The VCIC Fellowship affords students a unique level […]

Anna Brennan, 2019 VCIC Fellow

Undergraduate Silicon Valley, New England & Global Finals
: Corporate Development at Comcast

“…a highlight of my time at Kenan-Flagler.”

“Serving as a VCIC Fellow stands out to me as a highlight of my time at Kenan-Flagler. Even though it was senior year, a time when I would have expected to pull back on extracurricular activities, getting involved with […]

Khari Hutchings, 2019 VCIC Fellow

Undergraduate Mid-Atlantic and Central
: Management Consulting at PwC

“…one of the more rewarding experiences I had during my time at UNC.”

“Being a VCIC Fellow actually was an incredible experience for me and one of the more rewarding experiences I had during my time at UNC. It stood out for me for a few reasons. First of all, […]

Kyle Schimelfenig, 2019 VCIC Fellow

MBA South & New England
: Director of Partnership Development, McGeever Family Office

“…a lot of value from being able to be a part of the larger ecosystem.”

“I think as a VCIC Fellow I got a lot of value from being able to be a part of the larger ecosystem, and can say I completed the “VCIC Triple […]

Jerome Trehy, 2015-16 VCIC Fellow

MBA Northeast, West, Europe
: Owner at Roland Black Heating & Cooling

“Being a VCIC Fellow were some of the best times I had at KFBS.”

“Being a VCIC Fellow was impactful, fun, interesting and had some inherently invaluable networking and mentoring baked in. Those were some of the best times I had at KFBS. I already thoroughly […]

Each VCIC Fellow earns 1.5 credit hours and travels to two VCIC regions. Meet other top students interested in entrepreneursihp and venture capital. Mingle with VCs and founders. Represent UNC Kenan-Flagler as an ambassador for this program of excellence.

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