VCIC Fellows — Travel and learn about venture capital.

VCIC Fellows is a for-credit course at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School in which students travel to two different regions to study venture capital.

Course Number/Title:  MBA 848R/BUSI 511: Regional Venture Capital Immersion
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Meeting Times: Mod III, Mondays 12:30-1:50PM + two weekend trips to VCIC regional events
Instructor:   Patrick Vernon, Clinical Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

This course gives a selected group of students the opportunity to study venture capital by traveling to two different entrepreneurial regions of the Unites States, Europe and/or Asia, with the goal of understanding how this subclass of private equity plays an integral role in the commercialization of disruptive technologies. This depth of understanding of venture capital is helpful to students who will be in professions that are deeply influenced by technology, whether in consulting, banking, finance, marketing, operations or general management, whether in a large corporations, growth firms or startups, and whether on the investment side or the operations side.

Another goal of this course is to teach students how to think like venture capitalists, that is, to think like investors when assessing new opportunities, whether in startups or in larger organizations. Venture capitalists are professionals charged with making Go/No-Go decisions about innovative disruptions every day. Students will meet and learn from over a dozen VCs about how to assess opportunity and mitigate risk.

Similar to a Global Immersion Elective, the Regional Venture Capital Immersion combines classroom lectures with travel to give students on-site exposure to venture capitalists and startups in two different entrepreneurial regions. Students will travel to two entrepreneurial hubs to observe VCIC regional finals events, each of which is an integrated exercise incorporating all elements of the business core curriculum: strategy, finance, operations, marketing, technology, communications, accounting and leadership.

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