Judge, 2016 South (Vanderbilt)

Dana Holmes is CEO and managing member of 2nd Generation Capital, LLC (2ndG). He joined the firm in 2006 after serving for 20 years as a founding principal of Phoenix Partners, LLC. Phoenix, a Nashville-based financial advisory firm, specialized in debt restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic consulting. Dana and Phoenix acted as a contract consultant to 2ndG on several major client engagements.

Dana has extensive experience as a principal and team leader in mergers and acquisitions (both buy-side and sell-side), strategic consulting, private placement of equity and debt instruments, work-outs and turnarounds. He has served in the resident and managing partner role in an advisory firm, as well as in CEO and COO roles in operating companies in both high-tech and computer-services industries. He has led strategic planning processes for both private and public firms in many industries. He is CEO of our broker/dealer subsidiary, BrightChoice Financial, LLC.

Dana served as the vice president/director of securities research for both Hermitage Capital Corp. (formerly Allen C. Ewing & Co.) and the Financial Investors Fund. He was responsible for primary securities research, staff recruiting and management, and treasury functions.