Startup, 2017 VCIC@UNC

Chris Wellington

Chris Wellington is an award winning executive with 20 years atop his profession. Now the CEO of foosye®, Chris is leading a start-up company focused on technology to modernize the food truck industry.

Chris is a Service Disabled Army Veteran with 55 airborne operations, he has served on numerous boards, started or acquired and sold other companies and volunteers his time in the community. In his 20 year career as an executive recruiter, he has headhunted niche talent from around the world, assembled executive teams from Fortune 100 companies to private equity and venture capital funded start-ups. Chris has supported the food industry in various capacities, beginning his stellar career on the manufacturing floor or food service counter.

Expert in executive recruiting, business operations and global expansion. Chris has consultant to numerous companies from around the world looking to solve business challenges and achieve high-impact results through talent delivery, organizational optimization and leveraging technology.

Chris is married to Elizabeth Wellington and they have four children, Benjamin, Rullaman, Jordan and Luke. He is from a remote fishing village in Alaska and cherishes his time and memories, even in “slime house” of the fish cannery!

He can be seen at food trucks events and across social media communities to help drive their (food truck owners) businesses as the industry’s new champion.

Ray Chow

With a last name “Chow”, how can he NOT be in the food business! Ray Chow has grown up in restaurants and involved in the food industry a majority of his life. Beginning at an early age of 7, Ray started helping out in the family restaurant all thru his school years. “As I was the youngest of 7 kids in the family, when i graduated high school is when the family ran out of employees. It was hard work but learned many valuable lessons along the way.”

Today, serving as CFTO (Chief Food Truck Officer) of foosye®, Ray is driving support for a start-up company focused on technology to modernize the food truck industry

Ray has worked in the family restaurant all thru his early school years from the back to front of house. Having graduated from NC State (Go Pack!) with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Ray applied his technical learnings to his business development. With over 20 years of business ownership including 4 restaurants, a catering company and food truck operation, Ray has expanded his knowledge and experience in the food industry.

Ray is married to Rachael Chow being blessed with three children; Nathan, Madison and Alison. Born in Hong Kong but ventured to the United States when he was 3, Ray is the “China-man that speaks English” in everything he does.

Get geared up for many food truck events around the nation…you’ll find Ray and other foosye® team members show their support thru social media channels, attending events, testing the foosye® platform, coordinating events…but ultimately having fun while doing all of the above. Go foosye®!