Organizer, 2017 MBA Southeast Asia

Prior to her MBA, Cassandra has 6 years of experience in business administration, Human Resource support, research grant management and benchmarking work.

Managing 60+ ongoing grants each year, Cassandra is also highly skilled at Excel and manipulating large datasets. She has spent 400+ hours in total gathering data, analysing data and plotting charts for these benchmarking reports with 38 Public Policy Schools, differentiating quality of citations, and by faculty rank. She was awarded the NUS Quality Service Award 2014.

Cassandra has volunteered extensively at various major sporting events in Singapore, such as YOG 2010 and SEAG 2015, in order to gain experience in organizing large-scale events. With her passion for animals and children, she has volunteered weekly for 3 years at the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA), a charity which provides free horse riding therapy for disabled children and adults.