Startup, 2009 Global Finals

Press Release

Avaxia Biologics successfully raises two rounds of funding.

Dr. Barbara Fox pitched her oral antibody products at the 2009 VCIC Global Finals, and then went on to successfully raise a Series A and Series B funding. Series A closed at $4.1M and Series B closed at $6.4M. Today, Avaxia is still extremely active in its space.
Press Release

Avaxia Biologics, Inc. is developing oral antibody products for disease targets accessible via the mouth and gastrointestinal tract, a $5B potential market. Their proprietary technology platform offers unique advantages in product safety, cost and convenience as well shortened time in clinical development. Avaxia’s lead product candidate is an anti‐TNF antibody for oral mucositis, a serious dose‐limiting side effect of cancer treatment.

Dr. Barbara Fox is an experienced entrepreneur and scientist. She was an Affiliated Entrepreneur at Oxford Bioscience Partners, and  founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Recovery Pharmaceuticals, a company developing and marketing medications for the treatment of addiction. Prior to founding Recovery Pharmaceuticals in 1998, she was Vice President, Immunology at ImmuLogic Pharmaceutical Corp. She joined ImmuLogic in 1993, having served on the faculty of the University Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, as Associate Professor of Medicine with tenure in the Division of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology, Dept. of Medicine. Dr. Fox received her BA in Chemistry from Bryn Mawr College and her PhD in Chemistry from MIT. Dr. Fox trained as a post-doc in cellular immunology at the NIH. Dr. Fox was a 2014 E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year New England™ finalist.