Undergraduate Silicon Valley, New England & Global Finals
: Corporate Development at Comcast

“…a highlight of my time at Kenan-Flagler.”

“Serving as a VCIC Fellow stands out to me as a highlight of my time at Kenan-Flagler. Even though it was senior year, a time when I would have expected to pull back on extracurricular activities, getting involved with VCIC gave me the opportunity to see a whole different part of the finance and strategy world from the typical paths emphasized at KF (banking, consulting). I couldn’t believe the level of exposure VCIC fellowship provides to local and national entrepreneurs, venture capital professionals (from both VC firms and the venture arms of Fortune 500 companies), talented undergraduate and graduate students from top business schools, and company campuses such as Google in SF. It also provided an opportunity for me to strengthen my project management skills, which ends up being a pretty important part of my job now in Corporate Development. Not to mention VCIC provided the unique opportunity to travel to places like Boston and San Francisco… I think when students first hear about “venture capital” it seems like a niche, “Shark Tank”-esque part of the investing world. But taking your class and serving as a VCIC fellow helped me learn how to think like an investor, what actually constitutes a competitive advantage and how to convey the value in it, the importance of a high quality management team, and the fine line of risk between increasing capital calls and equity dilution. You also gave us so much ownership over our experience as VCIC Fellows, so it’s an ideal opportunity for any student who’s looking to get a real-world understanding of a connection point between investors and ideas.”