What are my responsibilities as a host school?2017-12-06T08:25:00-05:00
  1. Facilities: You will need to reserve 3 classrooms, 6 study rooms and (0ptional) one boardroom. Also an optional separate venue for the awards ceremony.
  2. Recruiting: You will need to use your school’s network to recruit 6-12 VC Judges, 2-3 Startups and 0 Teams (VCIC HQ will do that part).

  3. Fundraising: VCIC is a big bang for the buck. Your net direct costs (minus the entry fee you save) are as low as $1,000 for the entire event.

What resources does VCIC HQ provide for hosts?2017-12-06T08:22:03-05:00
  1. Materials: you can download and customize all handouts, PowerPoints, room signs, timers, instructions, etc.
  2. Team Registrations: We handle all team registrations and will provide name tags and a final spreadsheet of all student participants.
  3. On-Site Help: On the day of your event, we will send UNC Kenan-Flagler VCIC Fellows to your region to assist on-site.
  4. Event Website: We will create and maintain a website to include the logistical information for your event as well as your organizers, teams, judges and startups.
How much does it cost to host a VCIC regional finals?2017-12-06T08:26:27-05:00

The two main cost drivers for a VCIC Regional Finals are $1,000 in prize money and lunch for about 45 people. Other optional costs include breakfast and catering for the awards ceremony, all of which can be minimal, though some schools go all out. At VCIC HQ, we encourage a bootstrap atmosphere, as this is a startup-related event, quite different from corporate recruiting. Note that host schools do not pay an entry fee; so you will save that amount, leaving your school with a net of perhaps $1,000 in direct cost.

Can we change teammates?2017-12-06T07:51:32-05:00

Yes, substitutes are allowed at any time. Please submit a new team registration and photo. If it is within 48 hours of the start of the event, we will likely not have new name tags for new members. (See rules.)

Is it possible to change regions?2017-12-06T07:51:10-05:00

Maybe, if we can find a school to swap with you. This is usually easier in the fall. Email vcic@unc.edu to find out.

Should we create a background story about our VC firm?2017-12-06T07:51:49-05:00

You will receive a fund profile (like this one) that will outline key details of the fund from which you’ll be investing at your VCIC event. Your team may make up an story you like about your overall firm and strategy. Note that the event is compressed for time, and too much detail about the background of your firm could be distracting.

Will we make up our own team name?2017-12-06T07:51:41-05:00

No, you will be assigned a code name after you submit your registration and team photo.

Who may compete in VCIC?2017-12-06T07:50:59-05:00

Any enrolled student from an invited university. Email vcic@unc.edu to find out who is coordinating the team from your undergraduate or graduate program. If your school is not on the bracket, email vcic@unc.edu to join the waitlist.

How many students can be on a VCIC team?2017-12-06T07:51:07-05:00

Five students per team, strictly enforced, except “in case of emergency,” to be determined by VCIC organizers. A sixth observer is also welcome.