VCIC is NOT a business plan competition. VCIC is the only place students get to be VCs for the day.

You will be participating in a highly interactive simulation of the VC process in which YOU are the VCs.
Real startups come to pitch to you, and VC judges assess your performances.

The VCIC Experience for Students


1. Biz Plans

On Wednesday prior to the event, at exactly 5:00 p.m., teams are emailed business decks from 2-3 startups.

2. Research

You have 38 hours to learn as much as you can about our presenting startups. Remember the rules: you cannot get outside help.

3. Startup Pitches

When you arrive at the event, the day kicks off with startups pitching to the entire congregation, like a mini demo day. No questions (yet). 

4. Due Diligence

Next you have 14 minutes one-on-one with each startup. Judges will also have 3 minutes at the end of each session to ask YOU questions.

5. Make Investment Decision

Over lunch, your team has less than two hours to make an investment decision and submit written deliverables.

6. Partner Meeting

After lunch, you join the judges in the boardroom to pitch your deal. Organizers give the judges copies of your written deliverables just as you arrive for the meeting. You have 15 minutes to explain your investment thesis.

7. Negotiations

(MBA Only) The top two teams negotiate with their chosen startup, while judges and other teams observe. You have 10 minutes to tackle key issues and demonstrate your negotiation skills to the judges.

8. VC Round Robin

After winners are announced, you have the chance to network with the VCs. We encourage you to ask judges how they would have invested if they were on a team (rather than, “why didn’t we win?”).

Judging Criteria

You will be judged by VCs on the following criteria:

judge criteria