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Chronological order…

Juan Muldoon, Invenergy Future Fund

2016 VCIC Global Finals Entrepreneurs' [...]

Peter Gajdos, Presidio Partners, San Francisco, CA

Judge, Silicon Valley, Global Finals Global [...]

David Jones, Bull City Venture Partners, Durham, NC

Judge, 2007-2008 & 2011-2014 Global Finals VCIC [...]

Amir Kabir, Munich RE/HSB Ventures, San Francisco, CA

Judge, Global Finals and Silicon [...]

Tim McLoughlin, CoFounders Capital, Cary, NC

Judge, 2017 VCIC@UNC LinkedIn [...]

Clifford Nelson, DRW Venture Capital, Chicago, IL

Judge, 2018 Global Finals LinkedIn [...]

Stephanie Nieman, SJF Ventures, Durham, NC

Judge, Global Finals VCIC Alum, [...]

Holly Preslar, Pelion Venture Partners, Salt Lake City, UT

Student Success Story 2nd Place, [...]

Jayson Punwani, Takeda Ventures, San Diego, CA

Judge, MBA Global Finals VCIC [...]

Chris Ahern, Strategic Cyber Ventures

Judge, 2018 Undergraduate Mid-Atlantic LinkedIn [...]

Baris Guzel, BMW iVentures

Judge, Silicon Valley & Global [...]

Jackson Jhin, Chicago Ventures

2017 National Champion LinkedIn [...]

Chris White, Shinesty, Boulder, CO

Startup, 2017 MBA Global Finals [...]

Don Herzog, Lyme Regis Partners, New York, NY

Judge, 2005-2015 Global Finals VCIC [...]

Brad Hoke, Adobe Ventures, Salt Lake City

Judge, 2017 MBA Global Finals [...]

Sherief Khalil, Citi, New York

Judge, 2014-2017 Global Finals LinkedIn [...]

Nitin Sharma, Lightbox Ventures

Judge, 2017 India Regional Finals [...]

Victoria Cheng, Citi Ventures

Judge, 2017 MBA Silicon Valley [...]

Lisa Wu, Norwest Venture Partners

2011 Global Champion, Wharton LinkedIn [...]

Saurabh Sharma, Jump Capital, New York

Judge, 2016 Global Finals (UNC) [...]

Selina Troesch, Touchdown VC, Los Angeles

Judge, Global Finals VCIC Alum, [...]

Dan Rua, Admiral

Startup, 2016 Global Finals (UNC) [...]

Rick Zullo, Lightbank

VCIC Champion 2014 LinkedIn [...]

Patrick Chang, Samsung Early Stage Venture Investment Group

Judge, Silicon Valley (UNC) VCIC [...]

Ryan Gembala, PathBreaker Ventures

Judge, Global Finals 2011-2012, Silicon [...]

Whitnie Low, First Round Capital

VCIC Alum, UNC Kenan-Flagler 2015 [...]

Eze Vidra, Google Ventures

VCIC Alum, London Business School [...]

Chris Howard, Fuel Capital

VCIC Global Champion 2006 University of [...]

Sergio Llorian, VoiceBoxer

Startup, 2015 Global Finals (UNC) [...]

Will Rosellini, Nexeon MedSystem

Startup, 2010 Global Finals Judge, [...]

Jeffrey Moore, MP Healthcare Venture Management

Judge, New England (UNC) Regional [...]

Pierce Alizadeh, Risk Automation

Judge, 2013-2015 Global Finals, 2014-2015 [...]

AJ Dye, Delta Electronics Capital

Judge, West (Colorado) Regional Finals [...]

Sara Zulkosky, CNF Investments

Judge, Mid-Atlantic and Global Finals VCIC [...]

Sarah M. Ham, DBL Investors

Judge, Northeast (Yale) Regional Finals [...]

Phil Williams, Signal Peak Ventures

Judge, 2014 Global Finals VCIC [...]

Marcin Szajda, Brooke PE Associates

Judge, New England (UNC) Regional [...]

Rachelle Li, Fenox Venture Capital

Judge, 2014 Global Finals LinkedIn [...]

Matt Williamson, Windsor Circle

Startup, 2014 Silicon Valley (UNC) [...]

Ron DiFelice, Energy Intelligence Partners

Judge, 2012-2013 Global Finals VCIC [...]

Tim Critchley, Semafone

Startup, 2013 Global Finals VCIC [...]

Terry Beach, Hire the World

Startup, 2012 Global Finals VCIC [...]

Josh Scott, Craftsy

Startup, 2012 Global Finals, Sympoz [...]

Sameer Sabir, Momelan Technologies

Startup, 2011 Global Finals VCIC [...]

Peter Shannon, Firelake Capital

Judge, 2006-2011 Global Finals VCIC [...]

Ryan Pollock, Meritage Funds

Judge, 2007 Global Finals VCIC [...]

Dayna Grayson, North Bridge Venture Partners

Judge, 2007 Global Finals VCIC [...]

Nathaniel McNamara, HIG Ventures

Judge, 2007-2008 Global Finals VCIC [...]