Team Registration

Deadline: two weeks prior to your event.

Team Registration and Photo Submission

A photo submission will be required to complete this form.
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  • Note: you will be assigned a code name for the event.
    For MBA programs, use University + Business School, such as "Chicago Booth" and "Berkeley Haas."
    Undergrad: please use shortest most common name. Don't include "University." Examples: UCLA, Virginia, Chicago, Georgetown, NYU.
  • Please input teammates below as they appear in the photo, left to right. Optional observer and advisor should not be in photo.

Use a LinkedIn headshot mashup
Team Example 3Please register teammates in order, from left to right.

OK: Take a 5-member team photo staggeredteamphoto-sample

NO: Do not get in a row far from camera.

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Pre-Registration: Entry Fee

Due in the fall for U.S. schools. No need to identify specific team members yet. Skip this section if your school has already paid.
If you are not sure if your school has paid, go ahead and register your five-person team below and we’ll contact you if there is a problem.

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