judge criteria


  • How well did the team cover what you consider the key issues/questions?
  • How did the team seem to understand the business opportunity and strategy?
  • To what level was the team able to establish appropriate rapport with the entrepreneur?
  • How appropriately did the team lead/control the meeting?
  • How well did the team dig into the right issues?
  • How skilled was the team at getting information (not just asking a list of questions)?
  • To what level did the team appropriately demonstrate their value as a VC firm to the entrepreneur?
  • How well did the team demonstrate an understanding of the financial requirements of this deal?
  • How well did the group appear to work together as a team (as best you can tell)?

TERM SHEET (20 pts)

  • Reasons to invest
  • Reasons not to invest
  • Overall decision
  • Aligned interests between VC and entrepreneur
  • Valuation, investment size, syndicate, fund fit, option pool, other terms


  • Demonstrated VC knowledge
  • Adequately explained deal
  • Addressed key issues
  • Confident and convincing
  • All members contributed

NEGOTIATIONS (top 2 teams only, 20 pts)

  • Focused on the key issues
  • Tackled tough issues
  • Established positive rapport
  • Demonstrated firm’s value
  • Exhibited strong negotiation strategy
  • Note: teams are not judged on “getting to a deal”
  • Judges should be voting on the TOP TEAM OF THE ENTIRE DAY