What is VCIC?

The Venture Capital Investment Competition is a case competition in which the “cases” are real startups that come to campus to pitch to students playing the role of venture capitalists. All the while, real VCs and angel investors are present to judge which student team would make the best VC firm. VCIC was invented at UNC Kenan-Flagler in 1998. Each year, the world’s top teams come to Chapel Hill for the Global Finals, the culmination of over 50 events worldwide. More at www.vcic.org (How VCIC Works, About VCIC, Global Map)

 Who may compete in VCIC?

Any graduate student may compete in VCIC.

What is the required team size?

Five person teams are required except in case of emergency, as determined by organizers.

Must each team have both 1st and 2nd year MBAs?

Different schools have different rules for the VCIC team selction. At UNC, yes, each 5-person team must have at least two 1st- and two 2nd-years.

Who should compete in VCIC?

If you are interested in any one of these three topics, you should compete: entrepreneurship, technology and (to a lesser extent) life sciences. VCIC is a great place to learn about startups and trends in innovation. If you are interested in big tech or life sciences firms, you should consider competing to understand where innovations may be coming from. Your firms are often acquiring these startups.

Who should not compete in VCIC?

Students who do not have a primary interest in technology or startups. If your focus is to go into general management, consulting, marketing, banking, operations, etc., and you do not find yourself always investigating the latest technology innovations, you should probably focus on other career club activities. There are likely other competitions that are a better fit for you.